Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about services we offer.

Sourceed offers a service for creating a website design, illustration, icon set, website development, animation and digital marketing.

Because Sourceed provides the best service to customers and provides flexibility to solve problems with our experts so that customers get satisfaction. And we provide service very quickly according to the price we offer

Sourceed will schedule interviews with customers who have used our services and discuss business about the product and help solve the problem so that it becomes the best solution.

What will be given is a design and development to become a website for that time depending on the difficulties the client gives us. However, the track record we have done to create a website design and development will take about 1 month

We will report each section that has been done, such as Flow, wireframe for each category, then full wireframe until it becomes a complete design and we will report the development of the website approximately every 1 week.

About 1 week there will be results that we give to clients. Because after the client makes payments we will begin to share a task with our workers and do the work as quickly as possible

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